In my ‘spare’ time. I also enjoy writing, singing and playing music. You can find a selection of some of my songs below, for your auditory pleasure… or quite possibly, discomfort.


I’m Jaded. I’m faded. My heart is what I’ve made it. I’ve lost, won and faked it for the sake of Love.

– Jaded


Summer loving doesn’t ease the pain. I helped her to forget and she let me remain. A remedy just to get her through the night. A skin distraction to make everything alright.

– Weekend Lover

Every Day is Like Sunday

by Terry James | She said

Bad Dreams and Drama Queens

by Terry James | She said


Bad dreams and drama Queens keeping me up all night. My hearts beating like a strobe light. I’m 33 but I’m spinning like a ’45.

– Bad dreams and drama queens

If you made it this far here’s a bonus video for your viewing pleasure.

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