my shows


The Majestic

A musical drama based in ‘present day’ and during the second World War in New York. The Majestic tell’s the story of the Majestic Theater and the lives and loves entwined in it’s history. In particular, the love story of Harry and Kate and a country at war, both home and abroad.

Performed at Folken, Stavanger 15th Jul – 17thFJul, 2017 – A Sell out!


The (mis)Adventures of Robin Hood

In the style of British Panto. A Slapstick musical comedy with larger than life characters. Written as much(if not more so) for adults as for children. A risque script full of double entendre and plenty of hat tipping to the likes of Monty Python and Blackadder with musical parodies of everything from the Rolling Stones to Les Miserable. All done in the great british Pantomime tradition. Great fun to write and even more fun to perform in and co-direct.

Performed at Folken, Stavanger 29th Jan – 1st Feb, 2015 – A Sell out!