In my “spare” time I write, compose and record music. I also sing a little (but probably shouldn’t).

The results of some of my musical endeavours are included here for your auditive consideration. Enjoy/endure at your own risk.

– You’ve been warned.

Terry James

I’m Jaded. I’m faded. My heart is what I’ve made it. I’ve lost, won and faked it for the sake of Love.

– Jaded


Summer loving doesn’t ease the pain. I helped her to forget and she let me remain. A remedy just to get her through the night. A skin distraction to make everything alright.

– Weekend Lover


Bad dreams and drama Queens keeping me up all night. My hearts beating like a strobe light. I’m 33 but I’m spinning like a ’45.

– Bad dreams and drama queens

And a couple of videos... Just for the hell of it.

Lyrics and a bit of mediocre video editing set to my original song, “Man of Steel”

A cover of “It must be Love” -2022