I’ve been acting since childhood and enjoy the creative process immensely.

Recently I’ve also lent my writing skills and voice acting talents to gaming and commercial projects.

If you need a voice (or voices) for your production, a creative consultant or someone who can provide a complete service from recording to publishing or are simply looking for some friendly advice

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Terry James







This is where I do most of my writing and recording for smaller projects.

I use a PC for the majority of my audio work and an M1 Mac for everything else. Studio One is my current DAW of choice. At the heart of my audio hardware is a vintage Røde NTK condenser valve microphone and Focusrite recording hardware as well a portable isolation booth and miscellaneous instruments (none of which I play very well).

And of course, the most important accessory in the studio at any given time:

Coffee. Lots of coffee.


Acting is all about honesty. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.

– George Burns

I am lucky enough to know some remarkable, talented people who share my passion for performing and creating. Whether it’s on stage, film or music, or just hanging out and sharing ideas, the people are in many ways what make creative endeavours so much fun and so rewarding.

Here, I’m pictured with some members of the cast from The Devil’s Gambit, my first full cast audio book,  which I wrote, produced, directed, edited and published. I couldn’t have achieved this without their talent, help and encouragement.

Sometimes I’m lucky enough to get to work with professional actors such as the this bloke, a very well know Norwegian actor.

Once voted the sexiest man in Norway. Him, not me. Obviously.

Most of my acting is performed with the British Amateur Theatre Society, a wonderful, talented group of would-be actors from around the world and here in Norway.

Here, you can see us preparing for the final night of my Musical, “The Majestic”, which I wrote and directed.

Check out their website for more informatio or to get involved.


I love acting. It is so much more real than life.

– Oscar Wilde